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how it works

Terra Phase Brushless Motor

The Terra Phase Brushless Motor combines brains and muscle. It partners a highly advanced controller with Brushless Motor technology. Typical electric lawn mowers use a Brush DC Motor which is known to limit the lifespan and performance of their machine.

Brushless Motor with
Electronic Controller

Problems associated with traditional brush technology are eliminated by brushless motors and electronic controllers.

With the Terra Phase Brushless Motor, the brush- system/commutator assembly is replaced by an electronic controller. Magnets rotate and the current-carrying coils are stationary and energized sequentially to cause the rotor to turn. This introduces the need of an electronic drive controller to generate torque, such as the microchip controller found inside our Terra Phase Brushless Motor.

The controller uses positional information of the rotor, plus the desired direction for the motor, to determine the next coil to which a current should be applied.

The Terra Phase Brushless Motor creates enough power to easily cut through tough conditions.