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Brush vs. Brushless


Terra Phase Brushless Motor Benefits:


No Brush Contacts

No maintenance = longer life


High Torque Output

Smaller and lighter than a brush motor but more efficient and more powerful

Microchip Processor Controller

Regulates power depending on conditions


Power for Options

Self-propelled feature, longer run times, more performance



(brush Motors)

terra phase
(brushless motors)

terra phase advantages

Voltage 12V–60V 24V DON'T BE FOOLED BY VOLTAGE!! Comparing a brushless motor to a brush motor is like comparing a sports car to a regular car. You can put high octane fuel in a regular car but it still won't outperform the sports car.
Motor Brush with switch Brushless with controller More efficient and flexible technology. Many of the limitations of a classic Brush DC Motor are due to the need for brushes to press against the commutator.
Efficiency Regular Brush Brushless Approx. 20% or more efficient. Brushes have difficulty maintaining contact at higher speeds and may bounce off irregularities in the commutator surface, creating sparks. This limits maximum speed in brush machines.

Run Time
per charge

Affected by brush friction Brushless Longer run times—Approx. 20% more efficient.
per charge
Fixed Variable—microchip will control depending on cut and power required Has the ability to control motor speed. It provides more performance when required and conserves power when not required.
Batteries Unprotected Protected Ensures that batteries do not get over discharged and regulates the current draws protecting both the motor and the batteries therefore ensuring longer battery lifespan.
N/A Yes Just like a modern automobile, the Terra Phase Brushless Motor can diagnose itself.
Controller On/Off switch only Electronic controller manages acceleration, speed and fine tunes efficiency Adjusts motor output to the cutting conditions. Speeds can be maintained longer to mow through tough conditions.
Acoustic Noise Brush contacts make more noise Lower noise levels—less friction Eliminates the imperfect electric contacts found in brush motors that causes increased electrical noise.
Performance Environment Brush motor designs make it susceptible to humidity elevations, dust and debris. Completely sealed design protects from dirt and other foreign matter (i.e. can be pressure washed) Brushless motors require virtually no maintenance and maintain their performance over their lifespan.
Weight/Size Larger and heavier motor required for similar performance Smaller and lighter motor required for similar performance Brushless motors require less parts.
Maintenance Wear items include brushes and springs, cleaning, gearbox. Exposed to debris No wear items, fully sealed unit No maintenance = customer satisfaction.
Lifespan Approx. 2,000 hours— although system can degrade quicker throughout lifespan Approx. 15,000+ hours. System will not degrade through use 8x or greater motor lifespan. No brushes to wear out or require replacement, and the commutator itself is not subject to wear and maintenance.
Safety Heat and arcing Low heat and no arcing No arcing and heat damage increases the motor lifespan.
Over temperature protection N/A Yes The Terra Phase motor is equiped with a smart system that will stop the motor from overheating if pushed beyond its limits.